Experienced Skydivers

Licensed skydivers pay $25 or $26 to full altitude  depending on the aircraft and $18 for a low altitude jump at 5000 feet AGL Gear rental is $25 for one jump. If you commit to two or more, the price is $20 for the second jump and any subsequent jumps. The price for a re-currency skydive, including training, is $115 (includes equipment).  For skydivers with their own equipment a recurrency skydive is $85.

Tandem Skydives

A first-time tandem skydive with a USPA certified Tandem Instructor is priced at $250 or $230 (cash discount). A second tandem skydive purchased on the same day as the first jump is discounted to $175.  A video & picture package may be purchased  for $120.  If you "check in" at Yelp or on our Facebook site while at BRSA, your video/photo package is $110. 

Accelerated Free Fall

Category A AFF - 1 jump $395
Category B AFF - 1 jump $260
Category C AFF
C-1 (two instructors) $260
C-2 (one instructor) $215
Category D AFF - 2 jumps (min) $215
USPA Membership $65
Category E AFF
E-1 (one instructor) $215
E-2 (solo, self-supervised) $55
Category F (four jumps) $95
Category G (four jumps) $115
Category H (four jumps) $115
Additional jumps to reach 25 total $55 (includes rental gear)
A-License Check Skydive $115
USPA License Fee $30
Extra Solo Jumps



Instructor Assisted Deployment             $335

Repeat IAD jumps                                   $120

Once a student has successfully completed the USPA Integrated Student Program, completed a minimum of 25 skydives and earned the USPA A license, they may make solo skydives at any USPA dropzone, world-wide. Join us at Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures & Training Center for a safety-first, professional and fun learning experience!