Welcome First Time Skydivers!

Whether you are here for your first skydive or just to watch, there are a few things you need to know before making your reservation.

Why should I jump with BRSA?

Reservations are not required, but highly recommended. In order to secure your reservation, we require a $50 deposit for each member in your party. THIS DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE, however, if we are weathered out and not able to get you into the air, our manifest office will provide you a receipt of payment so you may re-schedule your skydive at your convenience. We welcome walk-ins and will make every effort to get you in the air, but those with reservations will take priority.   We will make every effort to have groups of up to 4 jumpers jump together, however, there are numerous reasons that we may have to break up groups into two 2 jumper groups, based on aircraft mechanical issues, group arrival times and our operations circumstances on a given day.   Groups of 3 or more are NOT guaranteed to jump together.

AGE & Weight limitations & body types

The minimum age to make a skydive is 18years old.  This age limit is not subject to waiver by parental consent.  The manufacturer of the Sigma tandem parachute system we utilize has a total weight limit of 500 lbs.  This includes the student, instructor and all gear worn for the skydive.  Our current student weight limit is 220lbs, although we may be able to accommodate heavier jumpers subject to the availability of a smaller, lighter tandem instructor at an additional cost.  The student harness for the tandem parachute system has been engineered by the manufacturer with twelve adjustment points to fit most body types. However, Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures & Training Center reserves the right to refuse service to individuals with body types that the tandem instructor feels cannot be safely contained within the tandem harness as your safety is our paramount priority.  

Wear suitable clothing and shoes.

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes for your skydive. T-shirts, long sleeve shirts and jeans with tennis shoes or sneakers are best. Please do not wear boots with metal or plastic hooks on them.

Skydiving is a weather dependent sport.

There are rules and regulations through the FAA to which we must adhere. With that in mind, there are weather conditions when only experienced jumpers may skydive, and times that the airplane may stay on the ground due to weather or wind conditions.  Our goal is to make your skydive as memorable as possible, but minimize risk, too.  We will do our best to get you in the air in a timely manner, but we ask for your patience during the times when the weather is not cooperating.  We are good, but we can't control the weather!  Your safety is our first concern.  We will be pleased to re-schedule your jump if weather does not cooperate, however, we DO NOT refund your deposit; we will apply it to your jump on the future date of your choice.

Parachutes and skydiving gear are expensive.

We do not allow smoking in front of the packing area of the hanger, only in the parking lot or the runway side of the hangar. Parachutes and other skydiving gear are made from high strength synthetic materials. Burning embers or the butt of a cigarette can easily burn through these materials resulting in very expensive damage that you will be responsible for.  Please watch your step while in the hanger.  The soft, tiled floor of the hanger is for packing parachutes which will often be lying on the floor.  Aside from possible damage to the parachute, tripping on the lines of the parachute may result in the packer having to start packing the parachute over again to ensure it opens correctly for the next student.  Pets are prohibited from inside the hanger. We encourage you leave your pets at home where they are comfortable. We do not advise bringing your pet and leaving them in the car because even on a mild warm summer day, the inside of your vehicle can easily exceed 120 degrees.


Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures & Training Center is a United States Parachute Association Group Member Drop Zone.  This means we adhere to strict policies regarding adherence to the USPA Basic Safety Requirements and maintain our aircraft strictly in accordance FAA regulations and best practices.  

Do not be fooled by websites offering you to purchase skydives "near New Market, VA."  These are scams, looking to steer you to places other than BRSA, some many hours away, using our hard-earned reputation to trick you.  There are many dropzones throughout the country.  Not all are the same. Some dropzones may offer tandem skydiving at significant "savings" by taking advantage of your inexperience and lack of skydiving knowledge.  This is done to save money and decrease plane turnaround time to get as many passengers in the air as possible. They are not concerned about taking their time to get to know you, give you a safe, quality, skydiving experience or teaching you about skydiving, which is the true purpose of a tandem skydive.  Some DZs say they "specialize in first jumps." This is a euphemism to disguise the fact that they are "tandem factories" which exist not to train or teach, but to maximize profit.  Be wary of such advertisements. At BRSA, we focus on preparing you to skydive.  We pride ourselves in the time we take for pre-jump instruction and the preparation to enable us to provide you with an enjoyable skydiving experience.  We strive to answer all questions and make you comfortable with your choice to make a skydive.  We also want to give you the best value for your money by providing a  jump with the training and knowledge to fully enjoy and understand it.  We understand the choices you have and we fully appreciate that you made the choice to jump with us at Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures & Training Center.  If you have questions or concerns, please bring them to the attention of any staff member -- they are guys and gals in the bright safety green "Staff" shirts!